Where are the project files & db ?

In this page you’ll find all information regarding how to kick start your project with us when you use your own environment.

Where are the files ?

All the files are accessible from the repo from which you’ve been invited.

As usual, a nice ‘git clone -b uat <url>‘ will do the work, we recommend as well to execute a ‘git submodule update –init‘ if necessary.

Where is the db ?

You will be able to see the available db from that url

The db is accessible via the uat itself of the project like

What else ?

Once you’ve retrieve the files from the repo and uploaded th DB, you will need to do 2 more things in order to have a working environment

  1. Copy the following 4 files from .marasit/uat to the root directory : .htaccess, .gitignore, robots.txt, wp-config.php
  2. Remove from .htaccess the 5 first lines from ‘#Protect Directory’ to ‘Require valid-user’
  3. Modify wp-config.php to add constants WP_HOME and WP_SITEURL to match your local env domain name

Now you are all setup to start developping.

For more question, please contact your project manager.

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