Maras IT can bring your site back to life

Do you only consider your website to be an online business card? Think again! A website is alive and evolving. Without regular updates, new features and fresh content, your site may die. But don’t worry: a site that goes through a vegetative period can rise from the ashes. In this article, we explain how to keep your website alive!

1. The heart of your website is content

Content is the heart of your website.

It is what allows you to :

  • Answer the questions your audience has (and allow them to land on your company’s website);
  • Boost your website’s SEO by posting regular content;
  • Prove your expertise to everyone who visits your site.

In addition to keeping your website alive, your content allows you to gain valuable search engine rankings. The more you publish fresh, high value-added content, the greater are your chances of appearing on the first page of Google.

2. The lungs of your website are the updates

All websites need updates.

Bugs can occur at any time, on all types of websites. Especially if you regularly publish content on your website, you’ll need to update your server, applications (WordPress platform, themes, plug-ins) and content. By the way, we don’t recommend using a Builder, even though they are very common. They place the heavy responsibility for both the content and the structure of the site in your hands. In one click, it is possible to make an unfortunate action and delete entire blocks of content.
To have more control over your texts and publications, we recommend that you create your site on WordPress. On this platform, it is possible to create a theme without technical knowledge.

3. The muscles of your website are its action buttons

Remember to include action buttons in strategic places on your site. This way, you encourage your readers to navigate from page to page without leaving your site at the beginning of their visit. This will lower your bounce rate.

For example, you can add a coloured action button to :

  • Download an ebook or an infographic;
  • Sign up for your newsletter or an upcoming webinar;
  • Get a promo code, etc.

The action buttons will also allow you to obtain the personal information of your website visitors. You can then contact them by phone or email to get to know them and sell them your products/services.

At Maras IT, we take care of the physical form of your website!

The more you take care of your website, the more likely you are to turn your website visitors into qualified leads and then into customers.

Today, the stakes linked to the web are much higher than you might think. Letting a site die is a huge risk to take. To stay competitive and make the most of your business website, your site must be scalable and deliver content regularly.

Blog posts, new features, updates: maintenance is an essential factor at Maras IT. We take care of the physical form of all the sites we host and keep up to date.

If your site has been down for a while now, send us a message. We can get the core of your website up and running again, until it is fully operational and attractive.

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