3 ways to create a WordPress theme without technical knowledge

You recently created a WordPress website and want to find a theme that suits your business? That’s a great idea! With a unique visual, you can faithfully represent your values, your personality and your brand image. Let us show you 3 easy ways to create a WordPress theme without technical knowledge.

Method 1: Find a theme on (free option) or (paid option)

Find a free theme on

Looking for a free WordPress theme? is the best place to start your search! With thousands of downloadable themes, has the largest collection of free WordPress themes.

On this website, you will be dealing with carefully selected quality themes, respecting the best WordPress practices. Moreover, you will have very few manipulations to do to add this theme to your back-office:

  1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard;
  2. Click on Appearance > Themes ;
  3. Click on the “Add” and “Upload Theme” buttons;
  4. Find the theme archive and click on “Install”.

Once this process is completed, you will be able to modify the theme in a few clicks. It will be very easy to get started.

Despite this ease of installation and use, be aware that these free themes may not always offer the features you are looking for. Need specific options or a professional design? Take a look at methods 2 and 3.

Find a paid theme on

The second way to create a WordPress theme without technical knowledge is to use This platform, which specialises in buying and selling themes, may enable you to find what you are looking for.

Designed in 2012, Themeforest hosts some of the most popular WordPress themes. For each of them, it offers an intuitive layout and helps users easily find the templates they need. With live previews, user reviews, pricing, and full descriptions, the template sheets are comprehensive.

On the other hand, the themes from this platform are not free and vary from €50 to €200 per year. It’s up to you to find the theme that suits your budget and the needs of your website!

Good to know 💡

Before downloading a Themeforest theme, make sure it is compatible with WordPress to avoid disappointment.

Méthode n°2.1 : créer un thème via un Builder comme Elementor

Elementor is one of the most powerful and easy to learn theme builders. Thanks to its live drag & drop build module, you’ll have no difficulty designing your template without any technical knowledge.

You will be able to choose the header, footer and as many widgets as you need (Elementor offers over 100 widgets). Thanks to these widgets, you will be able to add various functionalities to your website such as a YouTube gallery, a contact form or a FAQ, for example.

Other platforms allow you to customize your template, such as :

  • WP Bakery ;
  • Divi ;
  • Visual Composer ;
  • Seed Prod ;
  • Oxigen.

Did you know about this?

The world of builders is constantly evolving, partly because of the Gutenberg editor (for example: the emphasis on Visual Composer or Seed Prod).

Method 2.2: Create a theme using the new Gutenberg editor native to WordPress

On the new Gutenberg editor native to WordPress, you will be able to create a theme on your own. The creation system is similar to that of the theme builders and the customisation possibilities are numerous.

Moreover, additional components to improve the editor are already available, such as those that come with JetPack or Code Blocks. At Maras IT, we can develop components at any time so that the performance of your editor is optimal.

Method 3: Let an IT team create a customised theme

You’ve been browsing and and haven’t found a theme that meets all your expectations? Are you not very computer savvy and don’t feel comfortable enough to use Elementor?

Then the third method of creating a WordPress theme without technical knowledge may be of interest to you.

Indeed, you can have an IT team create a custom theme for you. This way, you’ll get a visual that perfectly matches your brand’s values, and you’ll be able to add as many options as you need to make your site easier to navigate.

Of course, this solution will be more expensive than the first two. The advantage is that you will get a modern design site made especially for you. Your theme will be visible on your site and nowhere else.

Take advantage of our team’s know-how to create your WordPress theme!

At Maras IT, we believe in Full Site Editing themes (Gutenberg editor) for their simplicity, flexibility and performance. Very easy to modulate, these themes are brilliant to start developing themes from scratch.

Step by step, you will learn how to add blocks, text, images and links to enrich your theme endlessly.

And if you’re looking for training on the Gutenberg editor or to have professional developers create your site’s theme, contact us! We’d be happy to help you achieve the best possible result.

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