The Philosophie

What is Maras IT’s philosophy ?
The philosophy of Maras IT is based on the character of our animal-totem: the mara. This South American rodent is a monogamous and faithful creature. In fact, it is one of the few mammals to be monogamous and loyal throughout its life! Therefore, it seemed obvious to choose the mara as our mascot. This animal reflects perfectly the philosophy of Maras IT. We will always be faithful to our customers and ready to help them!

Loyalty: a key component of the Maras IT philosophy

Similarly to loyalty in love for the mara, our team wants to develop loyal professional relationships. To this end, we do everything possible to help and advise small and medium-sized companies in their IT needs. Creation of web pages, optimization and update of themes, implementation of communication tools… We are committed to building a powerful virtual identity for all our clients

Moreover, the loyalty of our customers enhances our thinking. It allows us to understand their needs over the long run to create ever more innovative and personalized solutions. In addition, we solve your problems within 24 hours (and much faster in case of emergency) to maintain the trust we value so dearly. 

Of course, this relationship of trust and loyalty must go both ways. We invest all our efforts in the achievement of your business goals and we expect from our customers a respectful attitude towards our team members. Because respect is one of our greatest qualities!

Respect: a value that perfectly represents our experts

A Buddhist quote says: “Treat others with respect. How you treat others will be how they treat you.” And since we agree with this saying, abuse is badly perceived within our network and taken into account in the overall customer relationship.

If respect is mutual, then the relationship can evolve in a healthy and productive way. After all, our job is to provide IT answers to the business problems you encounter through your online visibility (website) and your collaboration tools (M365). By maintaining respectful relationships with our customers and partners, we can focus on our core business and… you can also focus on what matters most in your business!

The biggest advantage of Maras IT ? We do not charge for all our services! 

At Maras IT, we believe that loyalty and respect can only lead to success. That’s why we are happy to devote all our attention to the difficulties, desires and concerns of our customers. 

On your side, you can count on competent, passionate and dedicated IT professionals. And to prove our loyalty, our commitment and our goodwill, we do not charge for all the services we offer. 

In fact, here are a few examples of services that we do not budget for: 

  • Data entry into WordPress;
  • Reflection/brainstorming on an IT need;
  • Correction of a microbug related to a server update;
  • Suggestions and advice on Maras IT services;
  • Other services requiring less than 30 minutes. 

One day, our founder had a long discussion with a customer who wanted to pay for a service he didn’t really need. It was important to him to make the Client understand that. Because for our team, the most valuable thing is to build relationships of trust that will last. It makes much more sense than charging for every minute spent helping a customer or solving an IT problem. 

So, if you are looking for a web hosting company that will advise you day by day in your web development, check out our three specialized WordPress hosting packages!