Terms and conditions

Maras IT

MARAS IT is part of DAVASK SASU, a company registered with the Vannes company registry.

davask SASU

10, rue du Docteur Joseph Audic, 56000, Vannes, France

Registration number: 833 552 748 00018
VAT number FR 02 83 35 52 748.

Website terms and conditions of use

The website and the content of the site, including without limitation the trademarks, logos, icons, infographics and photos, are protected under intellectual property law. The website content is owned by OVH and other companies. Any partial or full reproduction or representation of the website or its components by any process whatsoever, for any purposes whatsoever, is prohibited without the express consent of OVH.

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Personal data

You can visit our website without providing us with your contact details. However, you may have to provide some personal information. For instance: to deal with an order, for us to email you, to subscribe to a service or to apply for a job. We may request such information in order to offer you a better service or to complete an operation.

Miscellaneous information

Condition to data access


  • We use private Github repositories to maintain and backup applications.
  • Access to clients’s repositories can be provided on a per seat basis with reimbursement of the team github fee


  • SFTP Access to shared server are not granted.
  • SFTP Access to client’s server can be provided to clients on UAT server. PROD server access are not provided.

Price list

Our prices do not include the costs of licenses for plugins, themes or other chosen ones.

Terms of sale

  • 30% has validation of estimate
  • depending on the total amount, 55% in one or more installments until delivery of the site for validation
  • 15% once the site is in production or 30 days after delivery of the site for validation
  • We do not apply compensation for late delivery

Terms of delivery

  • After receiving 30% of the total budget, we will deliver the site to you.
  • Upon receipt of the site delivery, you will validate your site then we will put it into production.
  • Before the start of production we present the site in its entirety
  • An update depends on a few elements, once our estimate has been validated, we will plan your development.
  • Delivery times do not include the back and forth that we may have to refine your need during the project.

Customer Support

  • We are open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Europe/Paris Time) by phone Monday to Friday and by email.
  • In the case of our web hosting, we carry out constant monitoring 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • In the case of our maintenance, you can contact us at the times indicated more by email on an ongoing basis. Depending on the severity, we react more or less quickly but we make sure to respond to you as quickly as possible in all cases.

Conditions for creating quotes

To send you a quote we will need the following information:

  • social reason
  • full company address
  • contact phone & email
  • Intra-community VAT number