Website development

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Do you need an ergonomic website to showcase your business ?
An e-commerce site to increase your sales?
Or a helping hand to improve the performance and/or appearance of your current WordPress site?
Then you’ve come to the right place!
At Maras IT, we’ll be happy to take care of the design creation, setup and development of your website. 
In addition, we’ll offer you a discount if you choose Maras IT hosting!

    We will contact you to discuss your project:

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    Creation and update of WordPress themes

    As WordPress experts, we are constantly refining our skills and creating elaborate designs. Whether you already have a theme or want a completely customized design, we will adapt to your needs. Fonts, colors, layouts, functionalities: no change is too big for us!

    Development and maintenance of plugins

    At Maras IT, we are able to develop plug-ins tailored to the specific needs of your company. After development, testing and a successfully completed launch, we will ensure that the plug-in remains continuously operational. After all, we take great care to ensure that our plug-ins are always up-to-date, regardless of their purpose or target audience.

    API integration

    Our web development service also includes API integration. Even if you’re not familiar with the term, application programming interfaces are everywhere! An API helps you modernize your website’s architecture and functionality while reducing development costs. For example, if you want to add a map to your site to show where your physical shops are located, we will simply integrate a Google Maps API.

    WordPress website migration

    Our commitment is to provide the highest quality service possible to our clients. If you already have a WordPress site, we will migrate all your data to your new site for free. After all, our mission is to deliver the best client experience every step of the way!

    We also offer migration of sites hosted on other CMS’s on quotation.

    Showcase website

    A showcase website is the ideal way to present your business online. It is an informative site that generates little visitor interaction, but shows who you are and the products or services you offer. The aim of the showcase site is to share your personality and your philosophy to encourage people to contact you for more details!

    We recommend showcase sites to freelancers, individual entrepreneurs or professionals who need to meet their clients in person to carry out their activity (either by videoconference or in person): psychologist, dietician, orthoptist, yoga teacher, beautician, masseur, hairdresser, barber, podiatrist, model, cleaning company…

    Your showcase site will encourage your future clients to contact you or to visit your shop/cabinet/gym… Therefore, it must answer any potential questions your prospects may have.

    Here is the essential information to include on a showcase site:

    • A presentation of your company, your values and/or your employees;
    • Images or photos of your business premises;
    • Your logo and/or slogan;
    • A page with your contact details (address, mail, telephone number).

    At Maras IT, we can help you to create, configure and develop your next showcase website.


    As its name suggests, an e-commerce site will not only help you present your products to a large audience, but it will also help you sell them. More sophisticated than a showcase site, an online shop represents a source of income for your company! Also, it enables a large number of interactions with Internet users.

    We recommend e-commerce sites to all individual entrepreneurs and businesses that sell products: stylists, jewelry designers, dropshippers, online trainers, clothes shops, etc.

    Besides, an e-commerce site will allow you to consult and update your stock of products, to ship your orders, to add new products to the catalogue, to receive customer reviews…

    However, your e-commerce site must include several essential details in order to be fully operational, such as:

    • A catalogue of your products (with the possibility of adding items to the basket);
    • An online payment system;
    • Several online payment methods (e.g. credit card, PayPal);
    • A search field to find products quickly;
    • Important information such as customer service number, terms and conditions, technical information about your products, etc.

    At Maras IT, we can help you create, configure and develop your next e-commerce site.

    Hosting Plans


    Server Type Shared VPS Shared VPS Dedicated VPS The dedicated server can be upgraded
    Server Support Yes* Yes Yes * Only by ticket
    WordPress support No Yes Yes Ticket, chat, telephone
    MicroSoft 365 support No No No Ticket, chat, telephone
    WordPress installs 1 1 No limits* * Within the resources limits
    Monthly visits No limits No limits No limits  
    SSD storage 10 GB 50 GB 160 GB SSD NVMe
    Free CDN Cloudflare Cloudflare Cloudflare We support Cloudflare limits
    Free migration 1* 1* 1 per site* * The migration is free of charge for mono WordPress Websites.
    Multisites, other CMS or custom made websites migration are charged according to the difficulty of the migration
    Infrastructure 1 production* + 1 Staging** 1 production* + 1 Staging** 1 production* + 1 Staging** * OVH
    ** Hertzner
    European locations Yes Yes Yes Production in France
    Staging in Germany
    Multisite support No No No a multisite migration will split it in different websites
    Automatic daily backups Yes Yes Yes limited to 50MB per file and 1 million files per site
    Backup retention No limits No limits No limits  
    Staging area Yes Yes Yes Staging preconfigured for development purposes
    PHP support Yes Yes Yes PHP7.3, PHP7.4, PHP 8.0 and above are supported
    Free SSL certificates Yes Yes Yes Let’s encrypt
    Paid SSL certificates No No Yes* * Namecheap 3 subdomain (@, www, uat)
    Max PHP workers per server 5 5 5  
    Recommended for ecommerce/membership sites No Yes Yes
    SSH access Yes Yes Yes With Public Key for SFTP
    FTP Access No No No  
    WordPress Cache Yes Yes Yes W3TC
    WordPress Activity log Yes Yes Yes WP Activity log Suite
    Regular WordPress Update Yes Yes Yes Core, Plugin, Theme, Translation (according to licence validity)
    Emergency Update Yes Yes Yes When a well known hack become public
    WordPress Security Yes Yes Yes iThemes
    SMTP Plugin Third party Third party Third party iThemes
    Performance-monitoring tool Yes Yes Yes Netdata
    24/7 Emergency Support Yes Yes Yes By ticket
    Hack and malware removal Yes Yes Yes Hacked migration will cost 549 euros VAT excluded / site hacked