Recruiting a developer: what are the risks of working with an inexperienced web developer?

There are so many web developers in France (about 270,000 according to that choosing one is a dilemma. And yet, the knowledge of this professional is very useful! To avoid having to deal with repeated bugs, late deliveries and poor performance, check out the risks of going blindly on freelance platforms and the dangers of a developer’s lack of experience on your website’s performance.

Inexperienced developer: what are the risks for the performance of your website?

If you have not been advised and choose an inexperienced developer, you will not know if they are able to meet your specific needs. Furthermore, you will have no guarantee of their reliability and ability to develop a website safely. Find out more about the risks of an inexperienced web developer on the performance of your website.

1. Poor SEO

When creating and maintaining your website, its performance is at stake. An inexperienced or novice web developer may not make the right technological choices, may introduce errors in the code or forget to optimise it for SEO. There are many risks associated with these failures. The website will have more difficulty to rise in the search engine results, it will be less secure and potentially slower.

2. Clumsy design and layout

A developer can also damage the design of your site. For example, they may neglect their layout, create an awkward design and forget to optimise the metadata of your pages. To ensure that your design is up to date, ask your web developer to show you their previous work. Contact past clients to ensure that they are reliable, responsive and knowledgeable.

3. Negative customer experience

Beyond the risks, an inexperienced developer can also disappoint you in the way they handle customer relations. To avoid this risk, you can test their responsiveness. Send them an email and ask them to reply as soon as possible. In case of emergency, you will know how long it will take them to respond.

4. Lack of finishing touches

An experienced web developer must take into account your specific needs and constraints. They should be able to customise your website to your image and values. At the end of the project, he or she must make sure that the result is perfect for you. If it is not the case, your developer will have to make adjustments until you get your ideal site.

Choosing a web developer: a few tips

To choose your web developer, we advise you to :

  • Ask for references (or read their and/or LinkedIn reviews);
  • Rely on previous clients to get their point of view;
  • Ask as many questions as you need to;
  • Do not try to find the most attractive price.

At Maras IT, we want to build relationships with our customers based on trust. This is part of our philosophy. So if you want to design a professional website, contact us! We would be happy to show you our portfolio and answer all your questions.