Why do we partner with digital transformation players?

​​Digital transformation is at the heart of all concerns. And for a legitimate reason: this digital adventure is full of challenges and can frighten managers who are stuck with traditional methods. That’s why we decided to create partnerships with Afnic (through Ré, France Num and Foliweb. By joining forces with these digital transformation players, we are more likely to help you!

Why are we partners of Afnic?

As mentioned in the presentation of our referencing partners, Afnic manages nearly 4 million Internet addresses in .fr. But this association also manages many domain names in .re, .pm, .yt, .wf, .bzh and .tf.  Through Ré (a platform offering advice and entrepreneurs’ testimonials), this organization allows us to confirm the framing of our offers in line with the needs of small and medium-sized businesses

Indeed, for a digital transformation to be effective, it must encompass a large number of changes. At Maras IT, we are committed to providing you with a relevant offer to support you in all aspects of your digitalization. 

Why are we partners of France Num?

France Num is a French government initiative that brings together digital players throughout France to provide information, training, and financial support to small and medium-sized businesses that need to go digital.  Without France Num, digital transformation would not be where it is today. That’s why it seemed essential to us to join their network! 

Why are we partners of the Foliweb?

Finally, we have built a partnership with the Foliweb: the organizer of more than 250 webinars and workshops all over France. Their objective is simple and common to ours: to help small and medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers to embrace the digital world and gain visibility online. 

Through free training courses about hosting and web development, the Foliweb help us to democratize the barbaric terms related to our business. 

Here are the three main themes covered in the Foliweb trainings: 

  • Increasing your turnover; 
  • Keeping in touch with your customers; 
  • Being more efficient to save time.

More specifically, participants in the Foliweb workshops learn about the mechanics of the web, natural referencing, social networks, etc. These events are led by professionals (like us) in the most clear and exhaustive way possible.

Conclusion: Maras IT and the best digital players facilitate access to digital! 

Just like these three digital transformation players, Maras IT is committed to helping small and mid-sized businesses acquire a professional online presence at an honest price. 

So, if you are looking to create a high-performance website, to migrate your data to a secure host like Maras IT or to increase the operational efficiency of your company, contact our team! Last but not least, you will find many practical guides on our blog