Case study: what happens when you migrate your data to Maras IT?

When you think of a website migration from one server to another, you immediately imagine a long and complex process. Yet, professional data migration can be much faster than you think. In this article, we will explain our method step by step. This way, you will know what to expect if you decide to migrate your website data to our Maras IT hosting solution!

What are the steps to migrate data to Maras IT?

To ensure that your data is not lost and to secure your site at each stage of the migration, it is essential to place your project in the hands of a professional. Hopefully, this service is included in the Maras IT hosting offers.

1. Transmission of technical access

First of all, our experts will ask you for your access to the Domain Name Registrar (a company that registers domain names such as or, to your e-mail provider as well as certain information about your server and your site to be migrated. Thus, they will be able to migrate your data to WordPress without losing any of them.

2. UAT testing and data migration

As a precautionary measure, we always perform tests when we run the code and set up the environment. These tests are called "UAT" for "User Acceptance Testing". They enable us to check that an application is working properly before it goes into production.

3. Validation by the client and release to production

Once all the tests are successful, we send you instructions to preview your site before it goes live.

At this stage, we make changes and corrections to your site according to your needs to restore the migrated site to what it was before migration. Just like the migration, these changes are included in our hosting packages (except for modifications to third-party plugins or themes that can no longer be updated automatically by these same third parties).

As soon as you have validated the latest version of the site, we will put it into production. Finally, we will apply the various Maras IT quality standards!

4. Implementation of the Maras IT standards

Finally, we will implement all the Maras IT standards:

  • Integration of a WAF (Web Application Firewall) according to OWASP standards;
  • Optimisation of your server’s performance;
  • Installation of a cache system;
  • Daily backup of your data;
  • Updating of the site as needed;
  • Provision of a responsive and educational customer service…

At Maras IT, we make sure that you do not miss anything. This is why a managed service is included in all our offers.

Migrating your data to Maras IT is as easy as 1-2-3!

You will have understood: by choosing Maras IT to migrate the data of your site, you can leave on holiday with a light mind.

The migration of your data to one of our specialised WordPress hostings can go (very) quickly. Of course, this also depends on the size of your website(s), the success of the UAT tests and any unforeseen circumstances.

For a more accurate estimate of the migration time required, contact us!