IT Support for SMBs

Experience our comprehensive IT support tailored specifically for SMBs. Maras IT provides a dedicated hotline, expert advice, and utilizes a flexible “FairFlat” Price model, catering to your diverse tech requirements and optimizing your business operations.

A glance at our managed services offers



Create your personal website
at a lower cost !
Choose our “Personal” package.

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*per month

Launch your online website at minimal cost using a shared web hosting. This cost-effective solution will allow you to test your activity without taking risks. All your data will be saved every day and you’ll be able to develop your activity without any special computer knowledge



Choose a quality e-commerce or blog solution and get help from our experts in creating your WordPress website.

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*per month

Use our shared and secure WordPress hosting to give your business more visibility. Once configured and secured, you will have access to our Maras IT application to configure your site and boost your sales.



Focus on your core business and let our Maras IT service configure and update all your websites.

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Get professional guidance in designing high quality websites. Our team is available day and night to support you in using WordPress.

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    Common services of Maras IT web hosting

    1. Site hosted and developed in Europe

    2. Configured and secured WordPress site

    3. Access to the Maras IT Standards

    4. Daily backup of your data

    5. IT expertise of Maras IT

    Managed hosting : a solution for companies of all sizes

    With our managed hosting package, you will benefit from a state of the art website, daily updates of your data and an easy to use interface. We highly recommend this solution if you run a business, want to sell online or need your site to be translated into several languages. Our team will ensure safety and effectiveness of your site at any time of the day or night. With Maras IT, you are free from worries.

    Access to your 100% optimized WordPress website

    At Maras IT, we create your site as if it were for us. Therefore, we use only the greatest technologies to build professional quality websites. Your 100% optimized WordPress site will offer mobile-friendliness, safe-browsing and HTTPS-security. Also, you will have access to the Mars IT Standards app to control every aspect of your website.

    A team of experts who speaks WordPress fluently

    Our support engineers are WordPress experts who really love their job. No matter who you speak to in our support team, you’ll receive a quick and complete response. We are available by email and phone, so feel free to contact us if needed: contact us

    Tips to better understand WordPress

    Are you experiencing issues with a WordPress feature or tool? Don’t worry : our team is available to assist you in finding solutions. In addition, we’ll help you understand why the problem occurred. Indeed, our support goes beyond simple support. We are committed to teaching you our skills so that you can become more and more independent every day.


    What is web hosting?

    Web hosting is a server (storage space) on which the data of a website are integrated. This server broadcasts this data on the Internet via dedicated software. This way, your website in question is available online at any time and its content can be consulted by users all over the world.

    What do I need to host a website?

    To host a website, you need :

    • A domain name (example:;
    • A web host to display your website on the internet;
    • An email server.
    What is dedicated WordPress hosting?

    It is a hosting where all the software used is configured to meet the requirements of WordPress. Indeed, this CMS is very popular, but it imposes some constraints in terms of performance, security and updates.

    What is application or evolutionary maintenance?

    The application or evolutionary maintenance is future-oriented. It updates your applications and servers in order to make your site evolve and improve its functioning. With this evolutionary maintenance, the developers make sure that your site respects the latest norms and standards of the web.

    What are the Maras IT hosting standards?

    At Maras IT, we apply the following best practices:

    • Development of two environments (production and UAT);
    • Application maintenance of the application;
    • Maintenance of the server;
    • Data security and anti-hacking protection of applications and servers.
    How much does web hosting cost?

    With our Entrepreneur/Perso offer, your hosting will cost you 39 € HT per month.

    Our Business offer, dedicated to companies, offers dedicated hosting with an optimization of your Woocommerce site, expert advice and the possibility to translate your site into all languages. Its price is 279 € HT per month.

    Our Remote DSI offer is available for 359 € HT per month. It includes all the features of the Business offer with a M365 license and technical support included.

    The Business and Remote DSI rates include :

    • outsourcing ;
    • the material for the hosting (the server itself, the machine).

    If you need an even more powerful machine, we can upgrade our offer and its price.

    I already have a domain name, can I host it with you?

    Yes, as a remote IT service, we will ask you to grant us the necessary rights to manage your domain name. Then, we will take care of the entire configuration of your website!

    After my subscription, how long will it take for my hosting to be active?

    The hosting will be active and operational within 24 to 48 hours. As for the availability of your site, it depends on different factors. If it is a migration, it will take a few days longer than a simple website creation.

    Will my WordPress site be secure?

    Yes, your WordPress site will be fully secured upon confirmation of your hosting. We also guarantee the security of your site’s data with regard to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

    For more info on how to secure your WordPress site, check out our article related to cybersecurity.

    What is the difference between dedicated hosting and shared hosting?

    The comparison with real estate is very easy to make. A dedicated hosting is like renting an apartment. You can have access to water, electricity, gas and other resources in the apartment without sharing them with others. Shared hosting is more like having roommates. You share these services with other individuals.

    How long does it take for the support team to respond?

    You will get an answer to your ticket within 24 hours.

    In case of an emergency, our team can act within minutes.

    Do you have a WordPress website development service?

    Yes, our remote IT service is extremely complete. However, our WordPress website development service is primarily for our clients.

    The reasons why our customers have trusted us

    Maras IT has fully realized the Studio Cyclone website and implemented the best responsives technologies in order to boost its performance. They are very attentive to the client’s needs and always find technical solutions for perfect satisfaction. I recommend this company wholeheartedly!

    Frédéric from Studio Cyclone