How to translate my website?

We are going to see how to translate any page with Translate Press the best plugin for translation used by

Once your content is written in your main language (in our case English), you will need to show the front of that page/content and click on the Translate Press menu in the admin bar on top of the page.

Once you are in the edition mode:

  1. You can pick the language you want to show to check the content.
  2. Click on the pen for the string to translate
  3. Translate it or modify the content that should already be translated
  4. for each string translation, you’ll have to save it before being able to switch to another string 

For 4) sometimes you click on a string that doesn’t want to show up in the sidebar, to fix that, click another string and click back on the one you want to check.

Et voila, you are ready to translate your website. Don’t forget the 500 000 first characters are free with DeepL