What are the Maras IT quality standards?

There are so many web hosting solutions available ! Sometimes, it’s difficult to understand the added value of a particular host. That’s why, in this article, we will present you all the Maras IT quality standards. This way, you will be able to understand our strengths and what sets us apart from our competitors…

1. Security/solidity

Every time your website malfunctions, you lose visitors. And if you lose visitors, it will affect your sales, newsletter subscribers and reputation. It is therefore essential that your website is accessible 24/7 without any interruption.

With this in mind, our team configures many elements to improve the security of your site:

  • Regular server and WordPress updates;
  • Configuration of DNSDNS Domain Name System: system that facilitates the search for a given website by associating the domain name with an IP address. servers that rely on the cloudflareCloudflare An ultra-secure content distribution network that reduces the security risks of web applications. network;
  • Provision of a Let’s Encrypt or NameCheap SSL certificate (business hosting);
  • Integration of a WAFWAF Web Application Firewall: protection system placed in the backend that prevents multiple attacks (phishing, ransomware, malware, etc.). (Web Application Firewall) following OWASP standards.

2. Communication

Imagine walking into a shop and not finding a salesperson to ask you about the availability of an item. What would you do? In such a frustrating situation, many people would leave the shop and look elsewhere (in another shop or online).

This is why communication is one of the Maras IT quality standards. On the one hand, we will always be there to answer your questions and needs. On the other hand, we will make sure that you are there for your customers. To this end, we configure your transactional email, to avoid being identified as spam, through external smtp servers.

3. Performance

One of the most important standards for us is to make the navigation as fast and pleasant as possible. That is why we regularly analyse the performance of our servers in order to improve it day after day.

To do this, we optimise the media and install a cache system on your web site. A cache system stores site pages on the server in HTML format so that they load more quickly. In other words, it will give access to all the information on your site in the shortest possible time. In addition, the HTML code does not necessarily update every time the content of the site changes, but rather once a day.

4. Miscellaneous features

When you go to your favourite restaurant, you are always spoilt for choice. Well, at Maras IT it’s the same. We make sure you have all the features you need. In fact, we can add more as soon as you feel the need. SEO, user management, logs (traces of actions and interactions) of your site, daily backup… We are committed to expanding the field of possibilities so that you can offer the best possible user experience (or UX) to your customers.

What you should remember about the Maras IT quality standards!

Finally, please note that all these standards are continuously tested and evolve according to the needs of our customers. And if we apply new standards to certain sites and they are relevant to our network, then we automatically apply them to all the sites we host at no cost.

In fact, the cloudflare network is in the process of providing a WAF that we are looking at to integrate into our network quickly.

Did you enjoy reading about the Maras IT quality standards? Then continue your journey and discover the Maras IT philosophy and values.

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