Our review of the Divi theme [WordPress site builder]

Unlike Elementor or Gutenberg, Divi is a Page Builder that allows you to build complex and original layouts on WordPress. Very famous, the Divi theme is provided by Elegant Themes. But is it really worth it? Discover our detailed review of the Divi theme in this article.

Overview of the Divi theme and its features ­čöÄ

Launched in 2013 by Elegant Themes, Divi provides many web page building features to WordPress users. Over time, this builder has become more sophisticated. In 2015, for example, editing blog posts on Divi and using it from any WordPress theme became possible. In 2019, the 4.0 version was released. Since then, Divi allows its 800,000 customers to create custom themes.

Benefits of the Divi theme

The main advantage of the Divi theme is the Visual Builder. It allows you to build your layout by nesting blocks together. No coding or web development knowledge is required to build a design that suits your brand’s needs.

The Visual Builder also allows you to lock modules. This way, you can see at a glance which blocks are validated and which blocks are still being edited. In short, you can move, delete and release blocks in a few clicks.

Finally, note that Divi has its own community of web developers and editors. On the web, you can find a lot of resources and tips about this WordPress site builder (forums, blog posts, YouTube tutorials, etc.).

Drawbacks of the Divi theme

It is true that the Divi theme’s mechanism is its greatest asset. Intuitive and accessible to anyone, it stands out for its versatility and its ease of use.

However, this resource-intensive software tends to alter the performance of sites that use it. For example, adding CSS via Divi triggers JavaScript problems, which blocks the loading of pages. As a result, pages created on Divi often take longer to load.

Due to aesthetic or animation configuration elements, Lighthouse performance can never reach more than 90%, even on a page with empty content.

Getting to grips with the Divi theme is another challenge. The Page Builder has its own logic. In order to get to know the inner workings of this tool, we strongly advise you to take a full training course. Otherwise, you may miss out on essential points and encounter a bad user experience.

Review of the Divi theme: let’s hear our verdict!

At Maras IT, we understand the growing popularity of these applications, but we do not recommend them to our clients. Our experience has enabled us to develop a precise review of the Divi theme and has shown us its negative impact on the performance and SEO of sites that use it.

Instead, we recommend using the Gutenberg editor (on WordPress).

This editor will not only speed up the loading of your pages, but will also optimise the performance of your site. Furthermore, a Gutenberg web design results in a much lighter and cleaner code, which is good for SEO.

And if you need a little help getting started with this editor, check out our training on the WordPress Gutenberg editor.

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