Who are the referencing partners of Maras IT?

To thrive on the Internet, a company must be surrounded by customers, service providers and… partners. This is how it can increase its competence, gain visibility and attract a maximum of customers. For this purpose, Maras IT has established partnerships with several actors of the digital transformation. Discover the French actors you can count on!

Digital transformation actors in partnership with Maras IT 

Digital transformation actors encourage entrepreneurs and business owners to use new technologies to develop their business. Their role, besides advising entrepreneurs, is to connect them with web professionals. Discover the three digital transformation actors in partnership with Maras IT. 

Afnic through “Ré”  

1. Afnic

Afnic is the French Association for Internet Naming Cooperation. 

Simply put, this organization manages the 3.7 million “.fr” domain names, but also other extensions such as “.bzh” (Brittany, France) “.paris” and those of the French overseas territories. 

On a daily basis, it promotes an Internet “Made in France” and participates in the maintenance of the level of performance and reliability of the digital sphere. Lastly, 90% of the profits made by the “.fr” domain are donated to the Afnic Foundation for digital solidarity. 

2. Ré

Did you know about it? The organizationAfnic created the “Réussir en .fr” service to help companies master their digital presence. 

Thanks to this program, business creators and young people aged 16 to 25 can receive expert advice and free training. E-reputation, internet uses, data protection, online visibility: you can evaluate your level of digital maturity on the website in order to make the right choices. Then, you can be accompanied in the creation of your website and/or in the personalization of your email. It is at this final stage that the partners of Afnic ( which we are part of) intervene. 

At Maras IT, we can help you create your e-commerce site or your showcase site in a secure way. Moreover, we are available to answer all your questions! This is part of our philosophy

France Num

France Num is the French government’s initiative dedicated to the digital transformation of small and medium-sized businesses. 

To ease the digitalization of businesses, France Num gathers, informs and guides companies that need help. In addition, this organization sets up financing actions, accompaniments, events and training in order to simplify the digitalization of small and medium-sized businesses. To date, France Num has provided more than 144,170 accompaniments. 

Maras IT is referenced by France Num as a digital expert. Also known as an “activator”, our role within this partnership is to help small and medium-sized businesses that want to launch their digital transformation.

The Foliweb

The Foliweb is a series of events (webinars, workshops, trade shows) organized throughout France, but also online. The objective of these meetings is to give the keys to the managers of very small companies, project leaders and freelancers to digitalize their offers.

On the Foliweb website, you can find the place and date of the next events (for example: “choose your domain name and protect your brand” or “45 minutes to understand everything about natural referencing“). 

As you can see, the topics of the events are chosen to help you take action. And this is why Maras IT transmits its knowledge during webinars. Thanks to these interventions, you will know how to secure and optimize the performance of your site! 

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