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Frequently Asked Questions

What does your Managed WordPress Hosting service include?

Our service offers comprehensive WordPress maintenance, multi-environment setups, streamlined production cycles, backup and restoration management, advanced security measures, optimized server performance, a dedicated point of contact, and SMTP and DNS management.

Who is eligible for your service?

Websites that are compatible with our server setup are eligible for migration. If a website is not initially compatible, we can make the necessary modifications to ensure it meets our eligibility criteria.

How does the implementation process work?

The process begins with an eligibility check, followed by the export of files and databases from the external server. We then migrate your site to our server and apply Maras IT standards to align with our eligibility program. This includes a pre-validation before going live and a final validation once the site is in production.

What is involved in switching to your service?

After you agree to the eligibility requirements, we manage the entire migration process from start to finish, ensuring a smooth transition to our servers.

What guarantees do you provide?

Our guarantees are modeled after those provided by, a reputable hosting provider. This includes robust infrastructure reliability, uptime guarantees, and dedicated support for Level 1 and 2 issues.

What is your rollback policy?

In the event that a client wishes to migrate away from our services, we provide the latest backup of their site. However, the migration process to another provider is the client’s responsibility. We offer the website ‘as is’ from our servers, excluding certain paid licenses (e.g., WP Rocket) that were included in our hosting. Clients will need to obtain these licenses independently if they wish to continue using them.

Are there any hidden fees?

Our service does not include any hidden fees. The cost is transparent and covers all the services mentioned. Any future development costs that are not executed or provided by us may incur additional charges, which will be the client’s responsibility.

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