Hosting with virtual private server and managed services VS managed hosting by Maras IT

Time to choose the hosting for your e-commerce site or your showcase site? At Maras IT, we know how difficult it is to make this decision because of the many different solutions available. So, today, we will enumerate the differences between a virtual private web hosting with managed services VS a Maras IT managed web hosting. Here we go!

What does virtual private web hosting with managed services include?

As a quick reminder, web hosting with virtual private server is a computer server provided to a client by a hosting company. This web hosting is the opposite of a shared server (shared by several users). Therefore, it is reserved for your exclusive use and is more expensive than shared hosting. With shared hosting, the cost of the server is divided among the various users.

Price of virtual private hosting with managed services

Virtual private hosting can cost from €5 per month to more than €55 per month depending on its configuration. Indeed, the price differs according to the number of sites hosted and/or the traffic of the sites.

In addition, there is the price of managed services if you wish to outsource part or all of the management of your company’s IT system. Integration of security-oriented processes (PRA, PCA, PSSI), monitoring of the evolution of your IS in its entirety, maintenance…

An managed services company can offer packages with more or less options. And the more services you subscribe to, the higher your bills will be at the end of the month.

The cost of managed services starts at €50 per server for maintenance and can go up to €650 for a preliminary audit and management of an entire computer park. Of course, these prices are indicative.

The advantage of Maras IT is that managed services is included in our managed hosting offer. Let’s take a closer look…

What does Maras IT managed web hosting include?

At Maras IT, we have tried to make our offer as simple as possible in order to make sense to everybody. This is why we have included managed services in our dedicated hosting service.

In addition, we offer all the services of a managed hosting company: :

  • Secured server ;
  • Monitoring ;
  • 24/7 support ;
  • Professional advice ;
  • And a whole range of other services that you will find in this exhaustive table (in the “compare plans” section).

We are also looking for the perfect developer(s) to meet your needs and we are constantly listening to your needs in order to meet them as best as possible from a technical point of view.

Maras IT managed web hosting prices

When it comes to pricing, we have set a price that is fair and perfectly suited to your needs as a site owner. For all of the above services, our dedicated and specialised WordPress hosting service costs 279 euros (excluding VAT) per month (“Business” package).

What is the difference between the “Business” package and the “Remote DSI” package?

You may have noticed that we offer two different packages at two different prices, one at €279 per month excluding VAT and the other at €359 per month excluding VAT.

The second offer, called “Remote DSI” includes all the services offered in the Business Package, and dedicated technical support for Microsoft 365 licences (Teams, Office Suite, Onedrive, Sharepoint and Outlook). Thus, we have coupled your website hosting with essential team management tools.

Hosting with virtual private server and managed services VS managed web hosting by Maras IT: to sum up!

To sum up, the strength of our managed web hosting offer lies in the fact that managed services is included. This means that you don’t have to do anything! The price is unique, clear and fair: you will only pay 279 euros (excl. VAT) per month for our quality and complete services.

Need more information about our hosting services or our brand? Discover our quality standards!

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