What’s the hidden side of web development?


When you browse a website, you can’t imagine the amount of work that goes into its development. If websites were built by themselves, the profession of web developer would not exist! Yet, there could be 45 million developers in the world by 2030 according to a study. So, let’s highlight the hidden side of web development.

Discover the hidden side of web development

Just because you can’t see a development doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Proof is that different types of web development exist. These developments are divided into two categories: backend developmentBackend Development Creation and constant improvement of the server side code of a site or a mobile application and frontend developmentFrontend development Creation and constant improvement of the user interface (UI) of a site or a mobile application.

Backend developers create the server-side code in connection with the database. Their responsibilities may also include the management of access granted to users. Thus, all these developments are invisible to the naked eye.

Frontend developers work on the visual part of the website, also called the “User InterfaceUser interface Mechanisms, hardware or software that allow users to interact with a computer system.” (UI). They create the structure of each page, integrate graphic elements and use HTML and JavaScript to improve the design of the site.

Finally, the Full Stack developersFull Stack Developers Professionals capable of improving the back-end and front-end performance of an application or site carry out both back and front development. These developers have the technical knowledge to build a complete website from scratch. Therefore, some of their work is visible and some is hidden (web development, coding and bug fixing).

For example, when a developer performs a patch update against a zero-day hackZero-day hack Security vulnerabilities that hackers can use to attack systems., it is completely invisible. Yet, this reinforces the security of the site and the protection of user data.

This is why this type of patch is part of the Maras IT quality standards.

Using a web development service is similar to use services while staying at a hotel…

At Maras IT, we believe that staying at a hotel and using their services are a good analogy to web hosting & web developments.

When you stay at a hotel, you do not care about the staff in charge of restocking the kitchen or the cleaning products used to clean the TV screen, do you?

When you sit down at a restaurant table and see a perfectly laid out plate, you don’t think about the utensils used by the chefs?

Nor do you ask yourself whether the ingredients come from the Netherlands, France or Belgium? And you don’t care if the hotel will soon change staff to maintain the same quality of service?

Well, when you use a web development service, it’s exactly the same.

Part of developing your site is in the immerse part of the iceberg, but that doesn’t mean it’s missing.

And if you don’t see it, it’s because your developer is doing a good job. After all, changes made in the back office or in the code of your site should have no impact on users.

This is also the magic of website development…

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