Here’s the MARAS IT team !

The MARAS IT team is composed of…

David Asquiedge
Support Manager
and team player
Alexandru Marin, Penetration Tester
Alexandru Marin
Penetration Tester
in charge of testing
our managed services security
Gheorghe Zastavnetchi
responsible for the network
and managed services

The values that drive us every day are…

At MARAS IT, every team member aims to provide you with the best possible client experience. Your well-being as a user is our number one priority. That’s why we leave no stone unturned in the optimization of your site’s performance.

Our second priority is clear communication between you and us. We will always be transparent about the maintenance to be carried out on your sites. We are close to you at any time to maximize the quality of the services we offer. In addition to managed Wordpress hosting, we also support you in the use of the Microsoft 365.

Do you need any advice? Do you have a question? Let us reassure you: we are here to help you fulfill your projects.