GandiMail will become a paid service from October 23rd.

Starting from October 23rd, 2023, Gandi will no longer offer free email accounts with the domain names they sell. It will be necessary to choose a subscription in order to continue having an email address. They are offering two options, we have reviewed :

  • €3.99 per month (excluding tax) for a 10 GB mailbox.
  • €5.99 per month (excluding tax) for a 50 GB mailbox.

If you choose the 50 GB option, it is recommended to take advantage of an M365 license for €5.60 (which is 39 cents cheaper than Gandi) for your email, as well as the web versions of Office, Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint.
The cost for the software versions of the mentioned applications is €11.70 (excluding tax).

As a Microsoft Partner, contact us if you want to get M365 Licences.

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