Communication agencies: our web hosting adapts to your needs!

As a communication agency, you usually advise your customers about web hosting. Sometimes, you even have to choose a suitable web hosting company in order to create a website from scratch. But, how do you choose the right web hosting? In this article, we will explain why Maras IT is your best option right now ( modestly, of course).

Which elements to consider when choosing a web hosting company?

There are a few important points to consider when choosing or advising a web hosting company.

1. The hosting offer must be suitable for all types of websites

All customers do not have the same needs. Some want to create an attractive showcase site, others a powerful e-commerce site, while others want to develop a content-oriented site.

At Maras IT, we offer three packages:

  • A “personal” package at 40 € HT per month (for showcase sites and mini-sites) ;
  • An “entrepreneur” package at 105 € HT per month (for e-commerce sites and institutional portals) ;
  • A “business” package at 285 € HT per month (for large e-commerce sites and highly customized corporate sites).

2. The creation of the website must be easy and fast

Choosing a web hosting is only one step in the creation of a website. It is important to be able to create your site quickly after selecting a subscription. Many hosting providers use a web hosting control panel (cPanel, WebMin, …), which simplifies the connection to many CMS, including WordPress.

3. Web hosting must have flawless customer service

Are you part of a communication agency? So, you are aware that communication is a rare quality!

At Maras IT, the technical support is very reactive, whatever the chosen package! You will be able to contact our experts by e-mail via the support tickets. By the way, this is also an important point when choosing a web hosting. Because if a web host only responds by e-mail and takes a long time to respond, you might find yourself in trouble.

4. Additional services of web hosting

The additional services of web hosting weigh in the balance. For example, at Maras IT, we are creating a dashboard for communication agencies that have several sites to manage. On this dashboard, you will be able to see at a glance the status of the sites you manage as well as their plug-ins.

5. Hosting unsubscribe policy

Most of the time, you will be asked to subscribe to a web hosting for one year. If after the first year you do not renew your subscription, then your site will be taken offline.

That being said, it’s worth reading the terms and conditions of your web hosting service carefully. If you don’t read the fine print or read it sideways, you may find yourself bound to a contract for several years without the possibility of ending it. This is very restrictive, especially when you want to test your compatibility with the tool.

To prevent you from being trapped, ask the owner of the hosting solution about this beforehand. And don’t worry: at Maras IT, we commit ourselves for one year with you (and more if affinity of course)!

Why Maras IT is the best ally of communication agencies?

Maras IT is a flexible, affordable and customizable solution that can help you manage several sites simultaneously and easily. We are committed to meeting your business requirements and the difficulties you are currently facing.

Our support team is available to patch your production sites as needed, even in an emergency.

To learn more about us, discover our values inspired by our animal-totem: the mara! 🐿️

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